Ellinol Is The First Capsule On The Market To Capture The Health Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet

Ellinol Is The First Capsule On The Market To Capture The Health Benefits Of A Mediterranean Diet.


Protemia Health has brought ellinol to market, making it the first medical supplement to harness the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, all in one capsule. Fulfilling the mission of Protemia Health, an organization that seeks to make the potential health benefits of the Mediterranean diet universal, ellinol is created with a special combination of ingredients that capture the cardiovascular health and wellness benefits of diets native to that region of the world.

“The diet of the Mediterranean is considered to be among the healthiest in the world,” says George Karlis, Director at Protemia Health. “Known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve overall cognitive functioning, research has proven that people who follow a Mediterranean diet, even as late as mid-life, have up to a 46% greater likelihood of healthy aging.”

As a diet comprised of foods that are high in antioxidants and inflammatory nutrients, ellinol captures these traits through a formula comprised of extra virgin olive oil, plus concentrated extracts taken from apples, oranges, and grapes. Without access to these high-quality ingredients on a day-to-day basis, consumers around the world can take in the elevated nutritional quality through ellinol capsules, available to order online.

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“We have managed to capture the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet through our scientifically tested and patented pill that combines hydroxytyrosol from Mediterranean olives, grape seed extract, citrus bioflavonoids, and phenolic compounds, all of which have met the regulatory standards of the European Food Safety Authority and the Australian TGA.”

Promising to provide opportunities for greater health to individuals around the world, ellinol is founded on the principles of a fresh, healthy, and natural diet, and makes the nutrients native to the Mediterranean region, available to those across the globe.

To learn more about ellinol or to purchase the supplement worldwide, visit the website: https://ellinol.com

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How Olive Oil could reduce the risk of disease

Higher olive oil consumption linked with lower risk of premature death, study finds

Using olive oil instead of margarine, butter or other saturated fats may protect you from dying from cardiovascular and respiratory disease, dementia, and other conditions, a Harvard University study has found.
The study analysed the diets of people enrolled in two large government-funded studies: the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study.
Researchers then compared the diet findings to disease and death records for those people over time.


“It’s a combination of both decreasing the amount of saturated fat at the same time you’re increasing the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil,” Dr Howard LeWine, the chief medical editor of Harvard Health Publishing, part of Harvard Medical School, said.

“The takeaway is to use olive oil every time you can as a substitute for saturated fats when you’re cooking or in your salad dressings,” Dr LeWine said, who was not involved in the study.

Men and women who replaced just over two teaspoons (10 grams) of margarine, butter, mayonnaise or dairy fat with the same amount of olive oil had up to a 34 per cent lower overall risk of dying than people who ate little to no olive oil, according to study author Marta Guasch-Ferre, a senior research scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“This is the first long-term study, including more than 90,000 participants followed for up to 30 years, conducted in the American population on olive oil and mortality,” she said.

“Previous studies were conducted in Mediterranean and European populations where the consumption of olive oil tends to be higher.

“Our results provide further support for recommendations to replace saturated fat and animal fat with unsaturated plant oils, such as olive oil, for the prevention of premature death.”

People who reported eating the highest levels of olive oil had a 19 per cent lower risk of dying from heart conditions, a 29 per cent lower risk of dying from neurodegenerative disease, and an 18 per cent lower risk of dying from respiratory disease mortality compared with those who never or rarely consumed olive oil in place of saturated fats, said Susanna Larsson, an associate professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, in an accompanying editorial.

Both the study and editorial were published on Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The connection between olive oil and fewer deaths from brain disease was “novel,” Professor Larsson wrote.

“Considering the lack of preventive strategies for Alzheimer’s disease and the high morbidity and mortality related to this disease, this finding, if confirmed, is of great public health importance.”

Reference: Harvard Study

The Mediterranean Diet in a capsule

“The Mediterranean diet has been voted as the top overall diet for people to follow as part of health-related resolutions for the New Year”

What if we could encapsulate all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and create a health supplement that would be one of a kind?

This is what a group of Greek Australians with a background in the pharmaceutical industry, set out to discover a few years ago, bringing about the creation and official release of the health product, Ellinol “Mediterranean Wellness”.

“We did the scientific research, looked at what was happening in regards to the studies and clinical works that were going on, so that we could create ellinol “Mediterranean Wellness” which is a combination of Mediterranean sourced ingredients extracted from pure and natural food sources,” George Karlis told Neos Kosmos, about how it all began, and how they came to identify and source the high-quality oil out of the Peloponnese, which is manufactured with exclusive and patented extraction techniques.

Ellinol Mediterranean capsules are packed with potent antioxidants, and ingredients scientifically proven to support a healthy cardiovascular system, general health, and wellbeing.

Ellinol encapsulates the active ingredients of Olive Oil Polyphenols, Citric Flavanoids, Apple-and-Grape seed extracts delivering high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that have been scientifically shown to support and maintain healthy heart function, a reduction of cardiovascular risk factors, healthy cognitive function and Ageing.

“Our mission is to offer the Mediterranean health benefits to the world,” says Steven Gotsis, who is also partner in Protemia Health, adding how proud they are of their innovative product which has also been approved by the TGA.

The official launch of this new health supplement took place on International Mediterranean Day, on 28 November, in order to highlight and celebrate all the goodness and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

The Mediterranean diet ranks number 1 in five categories and has been voted Best Diet for three years running, as the top overall diet for people to follow as part of health-related resolutions for the new year, the partners at Protemia Health said, during the introduction of their innovative product to the Australian market.

Our mission is to offer the Mediterranean Health benefits to the world,” says Steven Gotsis, who is also partner in Protemia Health. Photo: Supplied

The Mediterranean diet also stayed atop the rankings for best diet for healthy eating, easiest diet to follow, best diet for diabetes and best plant-based diet.

Most of us lead busy lives, therefore creating a capsule that contains the healthy ingredients of a Mediterranean diet, is bound to be a popular addition to the Australian lifestyle. Easy to consume, Aussies can reap the benefits of this diet in one easy step, unlocking the vitality and longevity that the Mediterranean diet is famous for.

The product is available online at www.ellinol.com. It has been approved by the TGA and will be available in pharmacies in the coming months.

Planting The Seed To A Healthy Lifestyle

Planting the seed to a healthy lifestyle with Lou Cordone

I remember my New Year’s resolution so clearly. I was edging towards 60-years-old and retiring from my high-stress corporate job that took 70-hours off my life every week. It was at beautiful Byron Bay, specifically Belongil Beach, where I decided I needed to make drastic changes in my life – especially with my Type 2 diabetes.

After being diagnosed in my early 40s, my diabetes progressively got worse over the years. I became dependent on insulin… something that is not common of Type 2. In the 10 years leading up to my diagnosis, I was working almost double the average work week, I’d taken up smoking, drinking and only eating once a day. Mix that with not knowing Type 2 was prevalent on my father’s side and you’re not exactly looking at a recipe for success.

My path to change was not for the faint of heart and required perseverance. My health and fitness have bounced around on the spectrum… dramatically. As a young man, I was at the top of my game and had engrained into me that carb-loading was the was the way to go. Of course, when work came before workouts later in life, I became out of shape. Fast forward to retirement and I’m back to where I was… with a few grey hairs.

A change in mindset combined with physical activity, gave me the motivation to do a complete overhaul of my diet. The Ketogenic diet introduced me to the wonders of olive oil. I was consuming around 1L to 1.5L (2L in extreme cases) in a month! Something I believe significantly reduced the levels of insulin required to manage my disease.

Originally resveratrol (a plant compound that acts like an antioxidant) was dubbed to be the elixir of youth with its abilities to increase sirtuins, something that you want when it comes to anti-aging. It is an ingredient that can be found in red wine… but to drink the 1000mg of resveratrol that I personally take you’d need to drink around 50 bottles a day. Which of course is not feasible for anyone! However, virgin pressed olive oil has slid past as the cream of the crop as a natural powerhouse producer of polyphenols which are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits.

Whilst I love olive oil on my food, with the amount that I ingest per month it becomes a lot easier to take it in 20-40ml capsules. This was a process that I was having to do myself but it can be quite tedious when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

As an avid olive oil lover, I was thrilled to discover ellinol – Mediterranean wellness capsules were launching in Australia. The new supplement gives you all the goodness of the Mediterranean diet without needing to change up your diet. You’re getting all the goodness of those essential organically grown and harvested ingredients such as citrus polyphenols in one capsule which is just ideal for those who are time-poor, but still health conscious.

My advice to those looking to change is just to start. Set small achievable goals to start with, and just remember that changes you make now are going to give you a more enjoyable future. As a man who was on the top of the ladder, sometimes you need to climb back down and plant a seed to achieve a healthier lifestyle and future.

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Embracing the Mediterranean diet – the Aussie way

Households are guilty of opting for convenience over nourishment when life gets busy, but these choices can severely limit the nutrients our bodies need to function optimally. In fact, more than two thirds of Australians are not maintaining a diet that supports the required intake of 5 major food groups and worryingly, less than 10% of Australian adults eat the recommended intake of vegetables per day.

With mainstream media flooded with the next new diet trend, it’s difficult to understand which diet will work best for the individual. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the worlds healthiest dietary patterns due to a combination of foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Renowned by nutritionists and health experts alike, the Mediterranean diet is a nutritionally sound option for those looking to improve the quality of life for the dieter.

Clinical Nutritionist, Angela Emmerton says that a low intake of processed food and red meat is a central part of the Mediterranean diet, coupled with a wide variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, oily fish, legumes, beans, nuts, seeds, and extra virgin olive oil.

“The Mediterranean diet has long been hailed as providing a wealth of health benefits. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and seafood, alone is a healthy habit to adopt but this along with low intakes of processed foods and red meat can really make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing.

“This kind of balanced diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive function decline4 and research even shows that people who follow the diet during midlife have up to 46% greater likelihood of healthy ageing,” says Ms Emmerton.

“The best way to translate this style of eating for Australians is to embrace the core ingredients, such as using extra virgin olive oil as the main source of healthy fat, increasing the intake of seasonal fruit and vegetables and cutting back on highly processed foods,” she said.

But preparing and eating foods associated with the Mediterranean diet is now not the only way to reap the rewards of the diet and its health benefits. New to Australia and in the form of a capsule, ellinol contains ingredients made from a formulation of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil and concentrated extracts found in pure natural foods such as apples, oranges, and grapes.

“Having access to the key active ingredients via an easy to consume capsule, means Aussies can reap the benefits of this tried and tested diet with ease,” she says.

This Mediterranean Day (28th November), ellinol is encouraging Aussies to consider how nutritious their diet is and unlock the vitality and longevity of the Mediterranean diet in one easy step.

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